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Title Fargo Adventure #09: Romanov Ransom, The
By Robin Burcell - Author  /  Clive Cussler - Author (Born 1931)
Series Fargo Adventure
Publisher/s Large Print Press / Penguin Books
Description The discovery of a long-lost airliner ...A modern-day kidnapping ...And the return of the most terrifying evil the world has ever seen. When a kidnapping captures the attention of treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo, they find themselves on th...  View details
Alert A/F Lead
Readership Adult
Genre Fiction
Subject/s Thriller & Suspense
Popularity Rank #12
Marketing Lang Published Ctry Format Edition ISBN/Barcode Pages Size (mm) Stock ETA RRP Saving % Disc Buy Price Note Quantity Cart Prev
10/2018 ENG 09/10/2018 US LP - TPB 9781432841744 640 h216 x140 IMP 2-4 WI $35.99 $1.80 5.0% $34.19     
09/2018 ENG 06/09/2018 UK PB NFMT 9781405927741 480 h198 x129 NZ 5-14 D $26.00 $5.20 20.0% $20.80     
09/2017 ENG 21/09/2017 UK HB 9780718184681 480 h234 x153 No local or imported stock presently available
09/2017 ENG 12/09/2017 UK TPB 9780718184698 480 h234 x153 No local or imported stock presently available
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< Page of  1 >  1 Book found matching your criteria
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